MINT-010 Daughter-in-law, don't cry. Dad is here

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Six months ago, when Terada Here and her husband came home to visit her father-in-law, he suddenly kissed her while drunk. Maybe her father-in-law doesn't remember, but Saya cannot forget her father's kiss. . Today she and her husband went back to visit her father, Terada Here felt worried, worried that the previous thing would happen again. But one night passed without anything happening, Terada Here could rest assured. somewhat. The next day, her husband went fishing early. Her father-in-law approached her to talk. He gave her a very large amount of money, in exchange, allowing him to kiss her like before. It turned out that he had not forgotten that kiss. Terada Here also needed money, her husband's salary made Saya always feel embarrassed when going out to eat with friends. And don't wait for her to agree

MINT-010 Daughter-in-law, don't cry. Dad is here
 Movie Code: MINT-010 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Terada Here