MEYD-833 Lovely big breasted colleague

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3 years of marriage. His wife is AV actress Minori Hatsune. He likes to drink and doesn't care about details. Honest in everything and very bad at lying. It was a rare rough thing, but it was a good thing about my wife... However, the couple's business had not been done for about a year. That's because I tend to suffer from ED. However, when I watched my wife's video for the first time, I felt something welling up so I asked my wife to make a proposal to an AV producer. And I will be the first AV director in my life today. Minori, his wife, is of course an actress.

MEYD-833 Lovely big breasted colleague
 Movie Code: MEYD-833 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Minori Hatsune