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Mio Shinozaki's family was once very happy until a big incident happened, her father suddenly passed away in an accident, leaving mother and daughter to take care of each other. No After a while, Mio Shinozaki's mother also left because she could no longer bear the burden. In the family, there must be a man as a strong breadwinner for life to become easy. The time before her uncle came Mother and daughter were extremely lacking in affection, so Mio Shinozaki easily fell in love with her stepfather because of his kind and gentle actions. During a bath together, she could not restrain herself from expressing her intense sexual desire in front of her uncle. He also understood her psychology very well, so he did not hesitate to help relieve her psychology. a young girl in her teens.

 Movie Code: NKKD-033 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Mio Shinozaki